CSC 241: Intro to Computer Science

Course Overview

An introduction to problem solving, algorithms and structured programming using a higher-level programming language. The course will focus on skills for developing algorithms, and for writing and debugging programs. Students will learn how and when to use loops, conditionals, and functional abstractions in the context of problems motivated by real world applications.

Course Goals

This course is the first of a two-course sequence introducing computer science. The focus of the course is on problem solving, algorithm development, and structured and object-oriented programming using Python and the Python API (application programming interface), all in the context of building computer applications.

In the first course we will focus on structured programming and learn how and when to use conditionals, loops, and functional and modular abstractions.

After you have taken this class:

  • You will understand that a main focus of computer science is developing applications for computer systems.
  • You will have stronger problem solving skills.
  • You will know who to develop algorithmic solutions for basic computational problems.
  • You will understand fundamental programming structures such as expressions, assignments, decision and iteration structures, functions and modules.
  • You will have basic Python programming skills.
  • You will be prepared for the second course in the sequence, CSC 242: Introduction to Computer Science II